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Slovakia Property Prices

Our property services in Slovakia
  • Sim Property delivers a full range of Slovak property services, from rentals & property management to resales.
  • We actively cover Bratislava, Zilina, Kosice and beyond with our own offices & staff.
  • Contact us for more about our full range of Slovak property services.

2006 saw very little price growth in Slovakia due to an oversupply of property.

Prices started to pick up through 2007 as the supply / demand balance shifted. The result by the end of the year was that prices across the country rose by an average of 24%.

Now in 2008, the Slovak property market, whilst not as developed as the Czech Republic, shows promising signs that it will continue to grow well over the next 12 months.

 Aug 2007Aug 2008Growth
BA I 2,485 2,83714.19%
BA II 1,800 2,08715.98%
BA V 1,894 1,9724.13%
Kosice 1,047 1,31225.33%
Nitra 972 1,26530.17%
Trnava 1,081 1,450 34.21%
Zilina 1,022 1,223 19.63%
Presov 788 1,08137.19%

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