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* Investments in Cities vs Coasts
* Below market value investments
* Below market value today vs future
* Buyers and sellers markets
* Compound capital growth
* Fees vs Commission
* Finance vs Growth
* Power of finance
* Growth vs Discount
* Location, Location, Location
* Rental market oversupply
* Speed vs Caution when investing

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Property Investment Philosophies

Is it better to take your time when investing in property?

We always recommend investors to take their time when investing in property and to do as much diligence as possible.

Getting a property investment wrong can be a very painful and expense mistake that can last a number of years.

However, there is also the risk of taking too long to make a decision.

If you leave your money in the bank you will get only a small return on it much of which will be eaten up by inflation and thus at the end of the year you are really no better off.

If a property market is rising at say 1% or 2% per month and you wait too long before investing you will have (a) missed out on good growth (b) run the risk of there being less growth left in the market and thus when you do invest you will make less money.

Sometimes if you tried to find the answers to all the possible uncertainities the world would be a very different place today and we'd probably be all still living in caves.

At the end of the day property can be an excellent investment, you just has to educate yourself, do as much research as possible and position yourself so that when an invest comes along that meets your investment criteria you can move quickly and take advantage of it.
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