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Property Investment Philosophies

What are the differences between a buyers and sellers market?

There are natural dynamics in a property market between buyers and sellers.

Buyers want the lowest price as possible and sellers want the highest price possible.

Due to market conditions sometimes the buyer has most power (known as buyers markets) and sometimes the power lies with the seller (a sellers market).

There is a natural cycle between a market being a sellers or buyers market.

The key as an investor is to understand the differences between these two markets and how to behave in them to get the best deals.

Sellers markets are characterised by more demand than supply, thus prices tend to increase and sellers can dictate the price and terms on which the sellers as they have plenty of buyers to choose from if you don't like their terms.

In sellers markets if you find a property in a good location at a good price you have to move very quickly to get the deal before someone else does. If it is a good deal you may even have to make concessions to the seller to get the deal.

Buyers markets are characterised by more supply than demand, often prices are not growing so much or even falling. Buyers can take plenty of time to choose their property from a number of sellers and they have very little competition from other buyers.

In buyers markets you can take your time (as neither the market is increasing nor will the property sell so quickly) and negotiate hard to get the best price for your property - it can be a great time to pick up excellent deals.

Often the best time to buy is when the market is moving from the phase of being a buyers market to a sellers market. The buyers haven't realised that demand or the market prices are increasing and there is still not so much competition from other buyers. In this situation you can get a property at a great prices and also enjoy future growth in the market. It does however take some expertise to time this correctly.

Conversely, often the worse time to buy is when the sellers still think they have all the power so you can't get a good deal yet demand is dropping off.

Sim Property Group works hard to get the best deals in all market conditions and advises our clients on which are the best markets in the world for low risk high return investments.
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