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* Investments in Cities vs Coasts
* Below market value investments
* Below market value today vs future
* Buyers and sellers markets
* Compound capital growth
* Fees vs Commission
* Finance vs Growth
* Power of finance
* Growth vs Discount
* Location, Location, Location
* Rental market oversupply
* Speed vs Caution when investing

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Property Investment Philosophies

What is BMV and does it really matter?

BMV stands for Below Market Value.

Essentially if you can buy a property today at a price lower than the market value (ie what you could sell it for the next days) then you've already made money when you've bought it even without any market growth.

Thus by buying BMV you simultaneously reduce your risk of losing money and increase your chances of making money at the start of the investment.

If you can buy substantially BMV then you could sell immediately and make a profit (a bit like the prinicpal most high street retailers work on).

When buying a property you want to get the best price possible relative to the market. If you can buy at a great price (all things considered) then you've already substantially increased your chances of being on to a winner.

Sim Property Group always looks for property in low risk high growth locations at a great price.
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