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* CZ: Avoid mortgage redemption penalties
* CZ: When to consider QNUPS
* CZ: Prague Property Market
* CZ: Zack Crichton Prague
* CZ: 39% less mortgages
* CZ: Ocro loss up
* CZ: Flat construction down
* CZ: German fund buys Prague office
* CZ: Land registry numbers fall
* CZ: Prices stop falling
* CZ: Prague Hotel revenue lower
* CZ: Market in the middle
* PL: Next property boom
* CZ: House prices fall Q2 09
* CZ: Central Group profit up
* CZ: Homes sell for less
* CZ: MPs against foreign buyers
* CZ: Panelak prices fall
* PL: Polish prices fall
* CZ: Prague expensive in V4
* CZ: Buyers market
* CZ: Property shells
* SK: Slovak market falls
* CZ: Rent deregulation extension
* CZ: Karlovo Namesti overhaul
* CZ: Orco seeks protection
* CZ: ECM REI loss 2008
* CZ: Developers expand
* CZ: Orco shakeup
* CZ: PFF-ECM property group
* CZ: Building output grows
* CZ: New home starts fall
* CZ: Bank cuts base rate
* CZ: Prague prices fall
* CZ: Developers divide Rohanksy
* CZ: Property market tough times
* CZ: Senior housing
* CZ: Copa Centrum Prague
* CZ: ECM REI makes loss
* UK: Home repossessions rise
* CZ: Czech rents rise
* CZ: Property price growth slows
* CZ: Holesovice Brewery completion
* UK: House sales slump 53%
* CZ: Prague's city within a city
* CZ: Mortgage demand falls slightly
* UK: House prices fall 1.3% September
* CZ: Brno grows a Manhattan
* RO: Bucharest construction boom
* CZ: Czech housing funds
* PL: Dom development in Wroclaw
* CZ: Brno get highest Czech building
* CZ: Rents rise by 50% in some towns
* UK: House price falls accelerating
* CZ: Hourly wage up 41%
* CZ: AFI & Satpo post loss
* CZ: ECM issues more shares
* UK: House prices fall 10.5%
* CZ: Interest rates down to 3.5%
* CZ: Some cities go down with rents
* CZ: Regulated rents rise steeply
* CZ: Orco 3bn euro project
* CZ: Building output up 2% in April
* CZ: New district in Prague
* US: No pick-up for US housing
* CZ: Tourist numbers up 10.5%
* US: Homes best bargin since 04
* UK: Taylor Wimpey close 13 offices
* US: California sales up 22%
* US: Construction picks up in April
* CZ: M&M reality doubles turnover in 07
* CZ: Building output slows 0.8% March
* CZ: Builders finish 9.8% more homes
* UK: Mortgage lending hits 33-year low
* UK: Redrow downbeat on market
* CZ: Immorent CR lays cornerstone
* UK: Repossession orders climb by 17%
* CZ: Three bidders for Rohansky ostrov
* UK: Halifax confirms price fall
* UK: Prices down 1% y-on-y
* US: House prices show steep fall
* UK: Prices slow down
* CZ: J&T to invest 90bn
* US: Home sales at 16yr low
* CZ: ING profits up 44%
* US: Prices continue to fall
* CZ: Prices grow fatest in Ostrava
* US: Manhattan prices defy trend
* CZ: Property seizures up
* CZ: Central Park Praha
* CZ: Volksbank profit up 80%
* UK: Housing gloom
* CZ: Building output up 11.5%
* CZ: Building societies loan CZK 17.5bn
* CZ: Land speculation blossoms
* UK: Warnings over mortgage lending
* US: Foreclosure bill passed
* CZ: Finep start huge Prague project
* US: Further house price falls
* UK: House prices drop sharply
* UK: Abbey pulls 100% mortgages
* CZ: Inflation & Unemployment down
* US: Rust belt put on housing bill
* US: Late payments at record high
* CZ: HSBC courts Czech millionaires
* CZ: Czech rates stay at 3.75%
* CZ: UK Mortgage squeeze to get worse
* CZ: Czech managers 34th best paid
* CZ: Manhattan prices reach record
* CZ: Rich Czech's flood Sumava
* CZ: Czechs buy record airline tickets
* CZ: Raiffeisenbank, eBanka profits up
* CZ: Czech Banks profits up 24%
* CZ: ECM profits exceed expectations
* CZ: Record CZ income tax revenue
* CZ: Internet Ad spending up 70%
* CZ: Orco profits up to 3bn CZK
* CZ: ECM profits up 28%
* CZ: Skoda sales up 39%
* CZ: Developer VGP 2007 profits treble
* CZ: Brno get ratings up grade
* CZ: Record CZ card payment growth
* CZ: GDP at 82% of EU level
* CZ: Allianz net profit soars 54%
* CZ: Guests at luxury hotels up 11%
* CZ: Current account CZK 4.8bn surplus
* CZ: Foreigners boost accommodation
* CZ: Tourism revenues rise 7.3% in 07
* CZ: Wages rise 7.3% in 07
* CZ: Car sales rise 13% in Feb
* CZ: ECM trebles profit
* CZ: Firms pay av wages over 100,000
* CZ: Prague Europe's 3rd best retail city
* CZ: Cesk nets CZK 12.15bn in 07
* CZ: Czechs demand better facilities
* CZ: Demand for homes still high
* CZ: Komercni Banka profits up 21%
* CZ: Staff in car industry up at 124,000
* CZ: Banks compete for millionaires
* CZ: Bonatrans Group sales up 17% 07
* CZ: Koreans to invest billions of CZK
* CZ: Austria's VIG comes to Prague
* CZ: KB's net profit up at 10.8bn 07
* CZ: Telefnica O2's 07 profit 9.5bn
* CZ: Prague Household debt tops 900bn
* CZ: Prague skyscrappers
* CZ: Tourist numbers up 3.8%
* CZ: CZK 10bn spend by Hyundai
* CZ: Prague Houses on Letna plain
* CZ: Prague 38% uplift in homes 07
* CZ: Prague 12th richest region in EU
* CZ: eBay comes to Prague

International Property News

HSBC courts crown millionaires

3rd April 2008

After a decade spent keeping a low profile on the Czech market, the London-based banking giant HSBC, Europes largest bank, has embarked on an expansion aimed at winning over thousands of top-tier clients.

HSBC entered the market in 1997 offering personal investment products and wholesale banking services for corporate clients. But recently the bank extended its local reach by launching HSBC Premier, a global banking package designed for wealthy individuals, labeled as the "mass affluent" in marketing patois.

The bank opened two retail offices to serve its Premier clients in Prague March 10, a beginning of its move into retail banking in Central and Eastern Europe.

"What we have noticed in line with emerging markets around the world is there is a growing connection with the global economy," said Guy Hamilton, HBSC head of Central and Eastern Europe.

Czechs increasingly travel and do business abroad and the country has seen more business expatriates, Hamilton said. HSBCs new service will enable them to access banking services worldwide free of charge, he added. The catch to HSBCs service is that it will only be available to locals able to keep savings or investments totaling 1 million Kc ($61,400) with HSBC. While making the banks services out of reach for much of the country, this bar is set much lower than in Western Europe or the United States, the latter of which requires a minimum balance of $100,000, said Jir Zelinka, HBSCs head of personal financial services.

Although there is a wide range of standard banking products on the Czech market, there is an empty niche between mass retail banking and individualized private banking, according to HSBC.

People who are looking for comprehensive international services and asset management but dont qualify for private banking are ignored by local bankers, and they are going to be targeted by HSBC, Zelinka said.

HSBC has built a reputation in the domestic corporate banking market that may help it in drawing rich individual clients, since top business people are already familiar with the bank, said Marek Hatlapatka, chief researcher at the brokerage Cyrrus. "Today, affluent clients in general represent one of the most interesting banking segments on the Czech market" Hatlapatka said. The competition is still relatively small in the segment and there is definitely room for newcomers, the more so that the booming economy is steadily widening the ranks of the rich, he added.

"Only less than one-quarter of the countrys rich have invested their wealth and are clients of private banks" said Jan Prchal of the Prague office of Sal. Oppenheim, a German private bank serving several hundred clients locally, most of them Czechs. There is a large and growing community of wealthy individuals to be approached and won over for private banking services, Prchal added.

According to Zelinka, HSBC has attracted about 60 clients over two weeks following the opening of the Prague offices. The bank hopes to have 15,000 clients within three to five years.

"At the beginning, we expect they will be mainly foreigners but later on, we hope to see more local wealthy people coming" he said.

Following the start of its Premier service, HSBC plans to launch services for small and midsize businesses, offer mortgages and standard retail banking, though still focused on well-to-do customers.

Today, HSBC Premier is used by 2.1 million customers in 36 countries around the globe. The Czech Republic is the first country in the region where it is available and will serve as a base for further expansion to the east: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia.
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